Fun Run Training

Fun Run Training

If you’re clever enough to be reading this blog you may also be clever enough to know that we are quickly approaching the fun run season. Pretty exciting huh!

So many of us use fun runs to give our training direction and supply us with the much needed motivation over the winter months. We want to get fit and maintain our weight so what better way than to start a running program.

The thing is so many eager beavers train in a way that is not only ineffective it’s also de-motivational. I’m talking about the running program that simply has every session pounding the pavement and you spending heaps of time slogging it out. The problem with this is that it’s old school training and you can do better.

Have you ever wondered why Libby Lenton would almost lap Dawn Fraser in the pool? It’s not because of those new fandangle swimsuits it’s mainly because the swimming coaches have wizened up to what works best. It’s all about getting the perfect blend of longer duration cardio, high intensity shorter intervals and strengthening that includes core training.

In fact, I have heard of other personal trainers preparing for half marathons by doing no longer running training at all.

Your week may look something like this. Monday, longer run (e.g. 4-5km); Tuesday Intervals (e.g. 10 x 100m sprints); Wednesday, strength (e.g. lunges, step-ups and core etc), Thursday, rest; Friday, longer run (e.g. 7-8km); Saturday, intervals and strength (e.g. 3 x 400m faster runs, 3 x 200m even faster runs, followed by lunges, squats and core etc); Sunday, rest.

The combination of these different training modalities gives you a more rounded running ability and will have you cracking the tape at faster times than ever before. And as a bonus, the variety means you’re more likely to stick and enjoy the journey to peak fitness.

Get running!

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