FITT Principle

FITT Principle

It’s all about intensity.

If you look at the most basic principles of exercise programming the key points come down frequency, intensity, type and time. It’s known in the game as the F.I.T.T. principle. So, if you’re looking at ways to take your training to the next level you need to change one of these variables.

Here’s how:

Frequency – simple train more often. If you’re now training three times a week, go for four. Don’t jump it up too drastically in one go as you’ll likely burn out or over-train.

Intensity – we’ll talk more about this in a sec

Type – if running has been the mainstay of your program for the last few months maybe it’s time you dusted of the bike or bought a ten pass at the local pool.

Time – if you’ve been going for thirty minutes runs, look to ramp things up to forty. You get the gist!

Have a play with these variables, only one at a time, and see if you can get even better results from your training.

Intensity, I think, is the main variable most people need to look at for maximal change. Don’t get confused when you hear that Madonna and other Hollywood stars only use low intensity training. Rumour has it some of them train up to three hours a day. This allows them to reduce the intensity and still get great results. But for you and me who don’t have three hours a day to dedicate to training we need to train intensely to get results. It means we can train three to four times a week for less than an hour each and still see fab results.

Have a look at some if my earlier blogs for ways to bring more intensity onto your training.

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