In Conversation with…Sarah Wilson

In Conversation with…Sarah Wilson

Now more than ever, our personal well-being and connection with those around us, matters most.

This week, we were invited as guests of leading fitness software provider Mindbody for a very special event with Sarah Wilson, who shared her wonderful advice about How to Run a Business & Life Based on Values.  Sarah is so much more than just the “I Quit Sugar” chick.

She’s a well respected journalist and thought leader, New York Times and #1 Amazon bestselling author, passionate activist and philanthropist, and proud minimalist. 

Her advice, that is mostly based on her own personal struggles and experiences, is timely and wise. 

  1. “Life has happened for me when I started caring. You start to notice more when you’re awake. Exploring my values to a point that challenges me, actually brings me to a place of creating a life a value. Give first and the rest will come.”
  2. “I believe when humans have a WHY, we can always find a HOW.”
  3. “What do I use to find meaning? I ask myself, ‘Does this enlarge or diminish my life?’ ”
  4. “Less is more. Minimalism is how I stay on track. It’s a value system I work towards. This creates lightness, flow, time and saves money. People ask ‘how do you do this?’ – Just don’t go to the shops! #HikeDontShop” 
  5. “Our culture is stuck in a paradigm of more, more, more. Don’t worry about whether you have the right water bottle or if your FitBit is charged. Just simplify and get moving.”
  6. “Make less decisions. Too many decisions cause anxiety, cause us to stall and then we get less things done.Just make the decision and it will become the best decision.”
  7. “Have a morning routine. Automate your morning, eat the same boring breakfast everyday if you have to. Save your decision making capacity for more important things later in the day!” Be non-negotiable about your routine. If you meditate, get outdoors and move your body every morning, make sure you keep going no matter what, even when traveling. Always find a way to get it done.”
  8. “Defer to experts who know more than you.  Let people who know more than you, make those decisions for you”
  9. Nature helps anxiety. Walking in nature helps you think clearly and creatively. You can’t be anxious when you walk. Getting outside also helps with your sense of awe and gives you respect for how small we are in comparison to nature’s beauty.”
  10. “Technology is geared towards making us feel more protected. I believe the future of wellness is less cocooning and more resilience.”

What piece of advice resonates with you the most? Please share in the comments below.

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