Workout Routines

Workout Routines

Last weeks blog looked at the all important primal movement patterns. Now while it’s great to know them, they’re not much good if you don’t know how to incorporate them into a program. Below I’ve explained the four main routine styles that I use in training. In the first three you’ll notice that the primal movements guide my exercise choices. Have a go at doing one of each of these workouts this week, refer back to last week’s blog to clarify each of the movements, and see how you go with it. Next week, I’ll show you how I put it together in the ideal weekly training program. Train well.

How to put it together
Get the structure of these routine right and you’ll have learnt the best way to exercise.
You’ll use the same 6 exercises (one from each of the primal movements) each workout, 12 reps of each, but in different routine styles. Important tips: For super-duper results you need to move quickly between exercises (you should be doing something all the time), get that heart rate up, work up a sweat and always maintain good technique.

1) Circuit Strength Day
Circuit day will have you doing the six exercises one set after another. Start with your twelve squats, go straight to twelve pulls and so on until you’ve done all six. Each exercise focuses on a different type of movement using different muscles, so there’s no need for rest between sets. After exercise six, re-hydrate and start back at the squats again.

Squat x12 > Pull x12 > Lunge x12 > Push x12 > Twist x12 > Bend x12 (drink) Repeat for 3-6 rounds depending on your fitness level.

2) Mixed Cardio/Strength Day
On this day you’ll work through the exercises the same way as the circuit but add a cardio burst in between each. Try thirty seconds of: jog or run; up and down stairs or best yet skipping. Remember you should be moving the entire time.

Squat x12 > Cardio > Pull x12 > Cardio > Lunge x12each leg > Cardio > Push x12 > Cardio > Twist x12 > Cardio > Bend x12 (re-hydrate) Repeat for 2-4 rounds depending on fitness level.

3) Supersets
Instead of working through exercises one to six, you’ll group the exercises into two’s. Squats and band pulls: alternate between the two for your complete number of sets then move on to next two and so on.

Squat x12 > Pull x12 (repeat 3-6 times) then Lunges x12 > Push x12 (repeat 3-6 times) then Push x12 > Twist x12 (repeat 3-6 times)

4) Cardio intervals
For your off-strength days use your favourite form of cardio, but running, swimming, cycling and rowing work best. Start with a 1:2 ratio interval. Taking running as the example, you’ll run fast for X seconds (or minutes) and then jog for twice that time. Once you’re jogging time is up you’ll start another fast run. Do this for six intervals of each, rest for between 2-5 minutes and then go again for another six.

Run 15sec > Jog 30sec (repeat six times). Rest 2-5 minutes. Repeat entire 6 reps 2-4 times.

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