Weekly Mix-up

Weekly Mix-up

The ultimate training week

This is the last piece of the puzzle. Two weeks ago we discussed the importance of choosing the correct exercises, or more to the point, the correct movements when you’re training. And then last week we discussed how to put these exercises into different types of program styles. This leads us to putting these program styles into an effective weekly training schedule.

You may know that strength training on two consecutive days is not recommended. Your body needs 48hours recovery after each strength workout to allow maximal muscle adaptation. You’ll notice this is factored into our program.

We’ve added cardio intervals and active rest days in between your strength sessions to give you the ultimate training week. If your week doesn’t allow for this much time spent exercising, don’t worry, I’ve given you ideas of ways to modify if you’re time poor. But, don’t forget the programs we discussed last week are short and sharp. You’re moving and exercising for the entire workout meaning no more sessions creeping over the hour mark. As Arnie one famously said, “If you’re in the gym any longer than an hour you’re making friends”.

Sit down now with your diary and plan out the next seven days. Place the sessions below in your diary and utilize the programs you put together last week.

As I said this is the ultimate training week. If you can manage to make this your regular weekly routine, and match it with the same commitment to good healthy eating, you’ll be fitter, stronger and leaner than you ever thought possible. That I guarantee.


Your weekly training

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Circuit Strength Cardio Intervals Mixed Cardio/Strength Circuit Active Rest Supersets Cardio Intervals Active Rest


Depending on how much time you have to dedicate to training, here’s how to modify the weekly schedule.

Grade A+

You have –      5 hours a week to exercise

Do –                 All sessions on weekly schedule including 10,000 steps (using a pedometer) on Active Rest days

Grade B+

You have –      5 hours a week to exercise

Do –                 All 3 strength training sessions plus two cardio interval days (no activity on Active Rest days.)

Grade C+

You have –      3 hours a week to exercise

Do –                 Either 2 strength training sessions and 1 Cardio interval OR 3 strength training sessions

Grade D+

You have –      Less than 3 hours a week to exercise

Do –                 re-prioritise: we all need to invest a minimum of three hours a week




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