Anti-Ageing Exercise

Anti-Ageing Exercise

Anti-Ageing Exercise

The beauty and cosmetic industry, it can be safely said, completely dwarves the fitness industry. It is truly a multi-billion dollar industry. And, one of their favourite things to spruik is anti-ageing products. Whether it’s a cream, gel or mystery potion they’re all promised to take years off your look.

Now while I don’t doubt that some of them can be effective, they only really treat the exterior body. It’s a bit like re-painting your car but forgetting to service the engine. So, what can we do to turn back the clock on a deeper level?

We’ll you’ll be as pleased as I was to hear that exercise can be just the elixir. A recent study reported by one of my peers Mike Geary ( states that resistance training exercises can in fact turn back the clock within our muscles.

Let me explain.

It’s been known for some time that 596 of our genes have shown signs of aging (i.e. they deteriorate with age and show mitochondrial dysfunction). What wasn’t known was that strength training can not only halt this process but reverse it. Yes, make your muscles younger. Those in the study, after only six months of weight training, had their genes literally revert back to the same markers of younger genes. And, you can add to this they also became 20% stronger

The resistance exercise can be weight training or bodyweight training and just needsto heavy enough to cause a strain.

This is simply another great reason why weight training should take up part of your activity program. Plus it’s cheaper than heading back to the cosmetic counter!

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