Fat Reward

Fat Reward

Kentucky FC

The other day I was sitting on my derriere watching Ricky and the boys playing India in the cricket. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone there. Now I’m a pretty active bloke, as a trainer it helps to be, and I don’t get a lot of time to sit around and do nothing so I was quite content, as I’m sure you can appreciate.

Now, whilst watching, up came one of my favourite interludes, the classic catches. Great feats of athleticism, skill and years of practice no doubt. I was told to choose my favourite catch and then ring a number to enter a competition. I was excited, a memorable catch by Gilly had caught my fancy so I decided to give it a go. Until that is I saw the prize – $1000 in cash (or something around that amount) and, wait for it, $1000 worth of KFC.

Okay let me get this right. Half of Australian men, and a few ladies too, are watching this telecast. Most I daresay are overweight, partly because they watch too much TV (tut tut), and partly because we are in the midst of the much vaunted obesity epidemic. And my reward for choosing a classic bit of athleticism is a near certain visit to the cardiologist (if I make it in time).

Now, I don’t have a problem with fast food per say. Everything in moderation is cool by me but come on, $1000 worth of fried chicken. Give me a break.

In these times where obesity and a dipping life expectancy are a real concern for all of us, should we expect more from our advertisers? I think so.

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