What's the magic difference between workout programming at Active Live Vs. ordinary training?

The magic is in the VARIETY. At Active Live, you’ll be challenged with a new exercise science-designed workout everyday. You’ll never get bored and here’s why.

Some workouts are fast, others are controlled. Some are short, others test your endurance. Some are heavy, others use bodyweight. Some have funky functional moves, others have beauty in their simplicity. We’ve spent 20 years perfecting the ultimate workout system, so you get long term gains, whilst loving every minute of training.

One key aspect that sets our Active Live method apart from other fitness studios is that our whole philosophy is based on the proven F.I.T.T formula, which determines your successful results. Here’s how it works:


How often do you need to train to get amazing results? Our workout variety allows you to train often, enjoy it more, and get better results.


Effort is the key to progress, and we know exactly how to support you towards doing your best. Scoring and targets in our workout programs will help you achieve goals, fast.


Whilst some of our industry friends think 28-minute or 45-minute workouts are the sweet spot, the reality is, variety always wins. Our workouts range between 13 - 60 minutes because you MUST constantly change your challenge to keep improving results.


What’s the main reason people leave gyms (apart from never using their membership)? The monotony. Doing the same stuff over and over is boring and ineffective. We have crafted 13 different workout styles, encompassing 156 different workouts. Always fun, never boring!

With over 50,000+ workout sessions coached since 2008, and our client results continually improving, we can confidently say that our proven system based around the F.I.T.T formula truly works. Are you ready to challenge your strength and fitness like never before?


The Active Live app enables you to check timetables, book your class spots, record your workout results, social share with other members and make purchases.


Every workout at Active Live poses a new challenge and different purpose. We want you to keep your body guessing, so we’ve created the perfect timetable to help you achieve your goals and NEVER PLATEAU.

Our weekly timetable allows you to train safely, with variety, everyday if you want to. Each day, your workout will evolve.  From sprint cardio one day, to heavy strength the next, your body will experience change, constantly.

When it comes to smart programs and expert coaching, look no further than Active Live’s trusted training method.

After all, the magic of our exercise science-designed programming is VARIETY!


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